Webinar: Global Payroll Complexity Research 2017
Findings, Challenges and Opportunities for Africa

NGA HR and the Payroll Associations are ready to expose the findings of the Payroll Complexity Research in a series of regionally focused webinars during the week of September 25, 2017. Click here to view all regional webinars.

The findings for Africa will be co-presented by James McKerell, South African Payroll Association Chairman and Anne Clifford, Global Payroll Service Delivery Architecture Lead.

Did you know?

  • Africa’s overall payroll complexity is very slightly lower than average
  • Africa countries tend to run slightly fewer payroll runs and undertake fewer legal/HR updates per year than other regions
  • South Africa has the lowest complexity score in relation to the overall payroll calculation process
  • Africa has the lowest number of local government instances to report to.

Reserve your spot for this webinar and receive your Payroll Complexity Index Report ’17. The report reveals the analyzed responses of nearly 3,000 active payroll professionals across 48 countries.

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Date & Time

10am SA
10am CET
Tuesday, September 26
Duration: 45 minutes


Anne Clifford
EMEA Regional Lead & Global
Payroll Service Delivery Architecture at NGA HR
Tuesday September 26
10am SA – 10am CET
*free of charge
James McKerell
Chairman at the South African Payroll Association

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