NGA Benefits, a wholly-owned company of NGA Human Resources, is a leading employee benefits consulting firm, insurance intermediary and benefits administration service provider. Our clients include Fortune 500 multinationals and large local companies in the Asia Pacific region.


NGA offers an integrated range of employee benefit services delivered through a multi-channel model. Our overall aim is to help clients manage their medical, insurance and other benefits programs in line with their strategic objectives. To achieve this, we provide benefits consulting, insurance brokerage services and benefits administration services.

Why NGA Benefits?

We believe the three keys to unlocking the true value of benefits are innovation, communication and a holistic view of the benefits programme. We have found that employees consider benefits most meaningful when their total needs are addressed, taking into account national (or social security) programs and each employee’s personal situation. Making sense of group, national and individual requirements is challenging, particularly with increasing employee mobility, but doing so successfully minimizes gaps and provides long term security for employees. Our unique approach to benefits can help clients offer a more attractive benefits package and gain a sustainable competitive edge.

A Partnership Approach

We work to infuse a partnership approach into everything we do. This means we listen closely to the needs of our clients, looking for innovative ways to meet clients’ objectives, while improving the strategic partnership between HR and the business. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our advice and always giving our professional view. Through experience and an intimate knowledge of the Asia Pacific environment, we have developed a robust process for helping clients make decisions and present their business case to senior management.

Our clients typically enter into a long-term partnership with us, because of our reputation and our ability to deliver efficient administration, deploy state of the art technology, add value and expertly manage employee interactions.

Our clients often say that we provide a true “one-stop-shop” with services ranging from advice to administration. This means one contact point – a single provider who can manage a program from inception to implementation and ongoing administration, so clients can focus on strategic activities. Because we are a long-term partnerwe have a vested interest in the outcome and in maintaining excellent client relationship.

Smart use of Technology

We invest heavily in the development and deployment of technology, constantly upgrading our functionality to keep clients ahead of the curve. Our mission is to provide world-class solutions cost-effectively through deep domain knowledge, flexible configuration and leveraging the cost of development over a wide client base. We provide clients with sophisticated case-management tools and data on their usage patterns, in addition to the highest standards of security, disaster recovery and business continuity. We have a proven track record of using technology to deliver benefits that few can match in Asia.

Our parent company, NGA Human Resources, provides immense knowledge of telecommunication infrastructure and management of service centres. This gives us the ability to provide solutions off a global platform.

Quality of our People

NGA Benefits has a strong and stable team from diverse backgrounds, including insurance, HR, consulting, technology and operations. We bring these complementary skills to bear on client issues, drawing from a rich experience base to deliver unique, innovative solutions. Our senior people enjoy close client contact, and are never far removed from day to day issues. We share a passion for benefits and a commitment to clients that truly differentiates us.




Broking / Client Servicing


Our account servicing team is your key point of contact to our services. We work closely with our clients throughout the year so that we understand their business needs and objectives. This equips us to be in the best position to advise our clients of the insurance products that best support their business objectives.

These are some of the capabilities and services of NGA Broking/ Client Servicing:

  • Benefits Review/ Benefits Audit
    • Review policy limits/coverage adequacy, benchmark against the market, propose and negotiate for enhancements, where necessary to be in line with business objectives
  • Renewal Terms Review
    • Review and negotiate with insurers on their renewal terms, taking into consideration the claims experience, profile, pooling arrangement etc
  • Conduct Remarketing Exercise
  • Meaningful claims analysis and reports
  • Create employee engagement through Employee Communication Sessions
  • Placement of Risk
  • On-going Policy Servicing
    • Liaise with insurers on service level issues, e.g. turnaround time, claims assessment
    • Assist on HR enquiries/requests/appeals
    • Check policy wordings and endorsements to ensure that they align with clients’ coverage requirements. Provide advisory on market updates and regulatory requirements




Broking Administration

  • Policy administration, follow-up on renewal data, verify data before sending to insurers for billing and placement of coverage
  • Prepare notification to HR/employees to advise on insurer’s underwriting requirements/acceptance/health loadings
  • Monitor outstanding underwriting decision from insurers




Insurance Claims Administration

  • Monitor insurers’ turnaround time for claims submitted by employees, follow-up with employees on any outstanding documents required
  • Review rejected claims by insurers to ensure that they have been fairly assessed
  • Appeal on behalf of employees where claims have been unfairly assessed/grey-area claims
  • Prepare claims settlement/rejection letters to HR/employees
  • Handle claims-related queries from HR




Benefits Administration


Our NGA Benefits Administration solution relieves our client of the routines of administering employees' Flexi and Medical benefits. We utilise a web-based platform which facilitates employee self-service.

For a rich and positive customer experience, NGA also offers employee helpdesk service. Through NGA’s Contact Center, employees will be able to reach out to our helpdesk via email or phone call to get answers to the queries they have on their specific benefits plan.

NGA takes responsibility for managing all of our client's administrative and technology functions for the benefits administration and processing service delivery. These are some of the capabilities of NGA Benefits Administration:

  • Full outsourcing of claims administration including reimbursement of claims for your self-funded benefits programs
  • 24x7 web-based employee self-service
  • On-line claims submission & status
  • Employee call centre during and/or after office hours




Benefits Consulting


We have significant experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge of Benefits practices and policies gained from a wide spectrum of clients from a range of industries, size and employment philosophies. We are therefore able to provide advice on best practices, market benchmarks and latest trends in Benefits and Rewards philosophies.

We invest time to understand our client’s needs, against the background of the market practices and employee expectations. We work with our clients to design innovative solutions for cost effective, useful and valued Benefits and Rewards Programmes We conduct feasibility study for clients who are moving from traditional to flexible benefits program and assist in developing their business case. This improves the strategic partnership between HR and the business. We have developed a robust process to ensure quality in our recommendations in order to help our clients achieve their corporate Human Resource Benefits and Rewards objectives.

These are some of the capabilities of NGA Consulting:

  • Benefits Insurance Programme Design
  • Benefits Alignment
  • Benefits Programme Benchmarking
  • Flex Benefits Design
  • Provide meaningful claims analysis and utilisation reports
  • Assist in conducting Flexible Benefits Feasibility Study